Teaching and Advising

Advising and Student Success


See the HEGIS lab resources page for variety of guides and general resources focused on being a student (e.g., guides on being a successful grad student. asking for a letter of reference, how to propose a directed study, and other topics) and guides for writing different kinds of papers (e.g., literature reviews, article reviews) and giving great presentations.

Text book

Mapping, society, and technology

Dr. Manson edited Mapping, Society, and Technology is a free and open text on reading, using, and creating maps. It also explores how maps reflect the relationship between society and technology. Mapping is an essential form of scientific and artistic inquiry as well as a trillion dollar business. People, companies, and governments use and misuse maps and map technology to tell stories, save lives, rig elections, and spy on you. [MN Daily story on open texts]


GEOG 1502 Mapping Our World: Maps are very effective for communicating spatial information such as where phenomena are located and how to get from one place to another. This course introduces you to the world of map, providing you with knowledge of mapping principles and how maps and mapping relate to society, as well as methods of map use and analysis. The labs allow you to gain hands-on experience using maps and performing basic mapping tasks. Successful completion of this course will equip you with basic skills to design, read and use maps and other graphics. [Course description]

GEOG 5565: Geographical Analysis of Human-Environment Systems: This course expands on aspects of GISc and statistics covered by previous courses. It is designed to introduce ways in which GIS can be used to explore human-environment systems by gaining hands-on experience with advanced methods in spatial analysis and modeling. [Course description]

GEOG 8292: Seminar in Spatial Analysis and Modeling: Explores different ways of analyzing and modeling human-environment interaction from a spatial analysis and modeling perspective.