Dr. Manson and fellow researchers at the U of M have had a number of outreach projects.

  • Maps
    Working with planners in the cities of Farmington and Rosemount to assess the social and environmental impacts of land use scenarios. [PDF]
  • Collaborating with EcoEducation, an environmental education organization that serves the Twin Cities’ diverse K-12 students, to integrate geospatial technology and spatial thinking into its Model Schools in Urban Environmental Education program. [PDF]
  • Hosting Professional Development Institutes for Twin Cities teachers on internet mapping applications to support courses across the K-12 curriculum in urban environmental coursework. One teacher noted that this was the 'best field trip in his eighteen years as an educator."
  • Conducting student workshops for Twin Cities students on spatial topics in collaboration with partners in the Map Library; in the words one student, "The field trip to the U of M was the funnest. I will always remember all the neat things I learned and experienced." [PDF]