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College of Liberal Arts profile and story mapping the future...

Driven to DiscoverThe Scientific Mystique. "Scientists are a motley bunch. But one thing they all seem to share is a tendency to cringe when they come across the stock image of the scientist in a white lab coat, pipette in hand, hunched over rows of test tubes, unaffected by personal relationships, ethical quagmires, or funding crises." [PDF]

Topical Geography. "Steven Manson’s research is “topical” in more ways than one. Manson trains his eye on the earth’s “skin”; using a technique called “agent-based modeling,” he examines the rate at which humans are altering the land surface of planet Earth. Given the alarming pace of change in the earth’s surface, and given the increasingly charged debates about global warming, his work couldn’t be more timely." [PDF]

The MGIS site has a short piece on Terra Pop.

U of M Driven to Discover [PDF]